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Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club

The outdoors are waiting, go outside

The Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club is a group of people who practice Liberty and Freedom and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and other activities that take place in the outdoors. The PORC often organizes paid group outings and events, such as fishing or camping trips, and may also provide opportunities to practice outdoor skills or classes with a ticket price. The goal is to get special group pricing or special treatment and; there’s always a tailgate party. Some PORChosts may have a focus on a specific activity, such as rock climbing or backpacking, while others may be more broadly focused on a range of outdoor pursuits. There’s something for everyone. The PORC is a great way for people to meet others with similar interests, learn new skills, and enjoy the outdoors together. Come meet your new friends today.

Become a Dreamer today. Dreamer Accounts are refundable deposits for crowd sourcing funds and will be the first accounts to upgrade to a Guest Account

With a dream membership you will be one of the first to upgrade to a GuestPORC once the property is secured and gain access to everything the PORC has to offer. Water access, grounds access, clubhouse and amenities. Access to the Guests only website where you will find the latest news and events, host your own events and help the PORCgrow. There’s no risk. With your dreamer account your deposit is refundable. As soon as the property is secured your access and the membership will upgrade to GuestPORC and the 1 year membership will start. Once there are 30 Dreamers the hunt begins and after three years (By 2026) if we can’t close a deal your deposit is returned.

You can pre buy one membership at 320 Goldbacks for a year, buy up to three years to lock in the presale rate or you can buy 10 memberships, save 10% and become a sponsor. Sponsors will have posted recognition for their support as long as they you are a sponsor.

There are no memberships available for any other outdoor clubs in New Hampshire. We couldn’t find any fishing clubs with grounds, clubhouse and a water access. So we are making our own.

The cost will only go up and there are limited pre memberships available.

FreePORC member

Would you like to check out the PORC without any commitment or responsibility? Become a FreePORC member and become an active, engaged member and have access to public and paid events. Be a part of the PORC community and exercise Liberty and Freedom with others in playful, social outdoor activities at no cost. Access to calendar/public events, paid events and emailed updates. Try it out and make sure it’s a good fit and we will upgrade you to a GuestPORC when you are ready.te

Explore New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers everything you could ever want. Beaches, hiking, skiing, camping, fishing and so much more. 13 miles of coastline, the Appalachian Trail, endless mountains, National parks, State parks and hundreds of private parks.

Discover new friends

Become part of a community of people with strong values in personal responsibility, self ownership and liberty. This is the place to be with people that respect ones autonomy and own their freedom. There are already hundreds of members taking new adventures every day.

We are always welcoming newcomers and excited to meet new friends. There is no cost to join many of our events and say hello to wonderful people. Join our Facebook group today for a preview.

The future has started

We have begun the search for a property. In the next three years we will have purchased a den for all the PORCs. Get in now.

We already have events, a PORC Mobile Command and hundreds of attendees

Every year we host 12 monthly events and so far we have welcomed hundreds of attendees.

The PORC Mobile Command serving refreshments and recharging during your adventures.

Winter is in full force. Come join us on the hill and bring you sled with group outings to local sledding hills. This happens whenever there is sled-able snow on the ground.

Snowshoeing Pat’s Peak
Snowshoeing anyone? Never been snowshoeing before? Then what better time than now to try! And trying is more fun when you’re trying with someone else so come join us and other PORCers for a few hours of snowshoe fun!
Pat’s Peak has snowshoeing trails that are free to use and you can rent snowshoes or bring your own.


April First Hike
There be a hike
We all meet for lunch at Woodstock Inn and Brewery, then we will drive the Kancamagus Scenic Highway as a convoy with stops and hikes to see Sabbaday Falls and Rocky Gorge.

Bearbrook Park
Bear Brook State Park has Hiking, swimming, fishing and more.
PORC mobile will be there setup and enjoying grilling, swimming, fishing and the playground. Plan a day for you and your crew and swing by for a social check-in. There we’ll have a gas griddle available for BYOF. Be sure you find the Pavilion Parking

PorcFest is a multi-day celebration of liberty at Roger’s Campground in Northern New Hampshire. Come! Bring your whole family!
Campfires, panel discussions, presentations, movies, live talk shows, dancing, singing, music, food, parties, all around liberty-loving good times, and more are to be found at the most exciting liberty event of the year. PorcFest showcases some of New Hampshire’s finest people and offerings in the scenic White Mountains.

Fisher Cats Baseball
The New Hampshire Fisher Cats are a Minor League Baseball team based in Manchester, New Hampshire. The team, which plays in the Eastern League, is the Double-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays major league club.
The day includes a Tailgate Party
Group photo on the field – Third base line seats – All the PORCs sit together – Game day hat – Ballpark meal voucher – Fireworks after the game

White Mountains Boogie Woogie
The largest outdoor blues festival in New Hampshire! Now entering it’s 25th year, the festival features award-winning blues artists, food vendors, craft vendors, a climbing wall and many fun activities for children including Saturday night fireworks.


October 7th
Trombly Gardens Corn Maze & Tailgate Party
Get to Know New Hampshire Weekend
Come join us at Trombly Gardens and Get to Know New Hampshire first hand. 100 of your friends will be there to greet you. Experience New Hampshire like a local. Meet perspective movers, their families and other Free State Project movers.


November 12th
Friendsgiving, Durham NH
This time of year we fall into the spirit of the holidays and celebrate out friendship and community. Family style potluck with music and games

Christmas Party
Come to FunSpot and join us for our annual meeting. We are bowling, playing games and enjoying the tavern.

Not all those who wander are lost.



Liberty is always Freedom from government; Freedom is always Liberty from people. We base our practice in liberty and freedom, heath and living outdoors


Lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminate prejudice and discrimination; defend human inalienable rights and combat community deterioration


It’s starting now