to the Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club (PORC)
This is the group for you.

Our philosophy: Liberty is always Freedom from government; Freedom is always Liberty from people. We base our practice in liberty and freedom, good health, good manners and living outdoors. We strive to lessen neighborhood tensions; to eliminate prejudice and discrimination; to defend human inalienable rights and combat community deterioration.

Use this group to get together with other peoples and be active in all things outdoors. The purpose of this group is to encourage outdoor experiences and activities; to practise liberty and freedom in a fun playful environment and to promote health and fellowship.

This group is named after the porcupine because it has become a mascot of sorts for us in New Hampshire who value “Liberty” and “Freedom.”  Although most members are philosophically interested in liberty and freedom, the group is NOT affiliated with any political party or organization. All are welcome here. 

This is an inclusive club,  please be kind and respectful of others.

What People Say

This is amazing. How do I become part of this.

Most People

I have never see a group like this mush less been a part of it. This is the most fun I have ever had.

Bruce B.

The best event crew we have had. A great group of fun loving people. We can’t wait to have you back.

Fisher Cats Event Manager Darren M.

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